When I was young I use to draw a lot of anime like Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter characters. All my friends in school would ask me to draw them stuff.

In Grade 8 our teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up and said a tattoo artist. I’ve had a passion for this profession for a long time now.

When I turned 14, I was so interested in the art I created a homemade Tattoo Machine. I started off my first tattoo when I was 16 and starting tattooing my friends, my family and even myself.

I’ve been Tattooing Professionally since 2015 and always wanted to be apart of the Street City Tattoo Family. I joined the SCT Team in August of 2018 and I felt that once I came into this shop I’ve improved a lot thanks to the amazing artists and mentors here which I couldn’t find anywhere else.

To book with me either contact the shop or message me directly via Instagram at @ar.tattoos13