Since I was a kid I’ve always been drawing. As I grew older, I designed all my buddies’ tattoos and thought I should start doing them myself. I’ve been tattooing professionally since 2006. 

I started Street City Tattoos because no other shop was doing the style I wanted to, which is Chicano style – like low riders, Latin art etc.

I’m passionate about Black and Grey because of its aesthetics. I thought I should specialize in it to improve my craft in this niche. 

I like to keep busy with drawing, designs, stencils, and also digital art, graphics, airbrushing and much more. These help me hone my craft and constantly improve my tattooing.

I open my books for a few months at a time – spots are limited and are in high demand so if you’d like to get an appointment call the shop at (647) 774-4011 to find out more info on how my booking process works and when openings will be.