Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a quote for a tattoo?

Pricing depends on a number of variables including which artist you work with, how long they think the tattoo is going to take to complete (which can be based on level of detail, size etc.)

We typically are an appointment only shop so most of our clients book in advance for their piece, and usually book a day session (from 12:00pm-8:00pm).

Our artists have day rates, which they charge or the piece can be charged per hour (typically for not as lengthy or large work).

Some also charge per piece but there is no set price or guarantee of an amount of work that will be completed by an artist in a certain amount of time.

Which artist should I go with?

Great question. At Street City Tattoos we take pride in all of our artist’s work so sometimes its hard to differentiate between who’s work you like the most.

What we always suggest is going to our shop instagram page @streetcitytattoos where we repost our artist’s work and from there you can go to individual artist profile pages.

Maybe theres an artist style you like more or they have done tattoo’s that you like that are similar to the idea you want to get done.

Also pricing and availability (when you want to get it done) may factor into your decision process as well.

How much are Deposits and are they Non-Refundable?

Deposits, which range from $100-$300 (varying per artist) are required to book an appointment for a tattoo.

They secure your spot with a date and allow the artist to start prepping your piece.

All deposits are Non-Refundable; exception is given when 1 week’s notice prior to the date of your appointment it is communicated to your artist and/or the shop manager for a feasible circumstance, which you will be allowed to be rescheduled once (if there is availability*).

How do I prepare for my tattoo?

Mostly we recommend clients to take care of their skin (don’t tan) and to get a good sleep the night before.

Also eating a good meal before your appointment and having drinks with you like water or things with electrolytes are beneficial.

Regarding the consultation, some Artists have you meet them at the shop where others may do everything via Email or Instagram.

Note that while you should have an idea of what and where you want to get tatted before your appointment, sometimes spaces are limited and we understand that securing a spot is priority.

What we require are any and all good resolution reference photos, pictures of placement, an accurate description of what you want and definitely what you don’t want communicated to your artist.

PLEASE NOTE: all artists have the right to decline work that they deem uncomfortable tattooing, example – discriminatory symbols.

How do I take care of my tattoo?

Your artist will explain this in detail but as an overview we will wrap your tattoo after we cover it with petroleum jelly. After approximately 1-3 hours take off the saran wrap and wash off the petroleum jelly gently then pad dry with a clean towel.

Let it air-dry the night of, then for the next 2-3 weeks apply a thin layer of non-scented Lubriderm, Aveeno or Hustle Butter (available at the shop) once in the morning and once at night.

Do not submerge the healing tattoo in water, expose it to long durations in the sun, pick at it, or excessively sweat just to name a few.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at the shop.